About us

Silk Hydration by L. Jones was started by professional hairstylist LaToya Jones.  While styling clients in her salon, LaToya noticed that she was using many different products from different companies.  She may like one shampoo from one company and one conditioner from another company.  This inspired her to create a line of her own products in which she could use all of the same company's products.  She knew that if she created her own brand, she could ensure that she would be happy with each item in the product line.  Also, by her being a hairstylist she knows what the best ingredients would be for each product.

LaToya started by creating a moisturizing treatment.  Once she mastered the formula and began using it, her clients started requesting other items such as shampoo and styling aids which led to the creation of Silk Hydration by L. Jones.  She makes all of the products herself for the product line. LaToya now uses her own brand on all of her clients as well as offering them to others throughout the United States.